Organization tips for the first day of school

My middle baby is starting kindergarten! I cannot believe it. I always wondered what it would be like to be entering the 2018 school year and here it is! The year I have two kids in big kid school. I will miss them while they’re at school everyday and I know their brother will be pretty confused starting next week.

Since school is right around the corner for our family, I need to get things in order. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this but I feel like the Summer was an awesome, whirlwind full of smiles and breaking up arguments. We’ve had a great time and I am sad that the girls are starting school but it also will be nice to get on a schedule again.

Things that help me deal with all of the commotion and emotions the new school year brings are friends, coffee and some major organization. I start every school year so organized and vow to not let myself turn into a frazzled hot mess by the end of the year but even with the best intentions, sometimes we’re just surviving come June.

I will keep trying to get it together though with the meal prep/scheduling/homework/after school activity organization as long as I can and maybe someday that will last throughout the whole year.

When thinking of how to start getting organized, I realized all of the clutter in our house was killing my mental state and I finally had enough this last weekend. I went through our shoes/clothes/games/toys and even tidied up the garage! So much work but seriously so worth it. I feel refreshed and confident now that I’m organized and I really don’t want to stop. I desperately want and need things to run smoothly with three little kids in my house.

Beyond all the physical organizing, I also sat down and tackled two tasks that have been on my list and I am hoping you will be able to benefit from.

The first thing was to make some cute printable calendars. I am so into calendars, I have a dry-erase calendar on my fridge, like this one, and I schedule the whole month. I also like to print out a blank calendar and write and rewrite all over it and then sometimes I print it out again and make a neater version. This really helps clear my mind as I spread my weekly tasks into each day and it helps me to prepare for what’s ahead.

Here is the link to my free printable calendars (Check back often to see what other freebies I might have going on as I change them regularly!- or subscribe!!)

Another thing I did was to make these fun “first day of school” signs. I print these out every year and this year I decided I should try making some signs myself. I made these signs all the way from Preschool-Senior year of high school. The signs are free and you can get the file here and download/print the year or years your kiddos need.

I have two more posts that I want to recommend on organization one is real old and contains information on organizing your home, the other article is newer and all about organizing your life you can read it here.

I hope you enjoy the signs and calendars and if you have a suggestion of some other printables you’d like to see, please let me know!

Free printable first day of school signs to help with Fall time organization

Free printable first day of school signs to help with Fall time organization

Free printable August calendar for Fall organization

Free printable September calendar to help with Fall organization

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