How to host a paint party

paint party

How to host a paint party is something that has been trending for the past few years and since I have been running a business teaching paint parties I thought this might be a fun topic to discuss here. Paint parties are really fun and can be used as entertainment for a variety of events. You can customize your paint party and make it really special for your chosen event. Some paint party ideas and events I have taught are: children’s birthday parties, adult birthday parties, holiday parties, craft parties, women’s get togethers, couples nights, the list goes on and on!

So what do you need to host a paint party? Well there are a few basic things and then there are some fun additions as well. First, you need a space, a place that can comfortably seat your guest list. Typically, paint parties can be hosted at a house, outdoors, at a winery or even at a cafe. The most common paint parties I have taught have been at people’s homes for birthday celebrations and I have done a variety of both indoor and outdoor events.

After securing a space you’ll need tables, chairs and easels. I like to use foldable simple easels that don’t take up too much space. Next, I like to add tablecloths. I have invested in some fabric tablecloths but you could also use plastic ones and toss them after the party. I reuse my tablecloths and wash them after every party. Some of the paint stains but I think it adds to the ambiance of the paint party with the ‘paint’ motif.

On the table, I provide aprons, a mason jar, brushes we will be using, a plastic palette and a paper towel. I have both adult and child sized aprons and I really like to allow everyone an apron so they feel more comfortable being around paint. I use mason jars, I had some on hand and then I have collected more from empty clean pasta jars and jam jars. I like the look of the mason jars because they give the custom feel to the party. You could also use plastic cups and paper plates if you wanted to save on supplies.

On the table itself, I like to provide flowers in vases, some sort of boxes to hold the paint we will be using and then some sort of decor item that makes the party special. For instance, if we are painting feathers, I will bring along feathers to set at each place setting. If we are painting pumpkins, I will bring along several small pumpkins for the table. This just adds a special touch to the table and instantly connects the lesson and the painters.

Lastly, you’ll want to have canvas, a sample project that is already completed and a lesson plan in mind and obviously all of the paint colors your guests will need to complete the lesson. Developing lessons takes time and I will dive into that in another post but you will definitely want to have an idea of what you are teaching and how to paint it. I buy canvas in bulk for my paint parties and generally stick with a square shape or a small rectangle, something manageable for the table.

If you have thought about all of these aspects and have a solid lesson in mind, you are ready to host a paint party! I also have YouTube video lessons you can use if you would like you can check them out here!


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