DIY hand dyed bag

DIY hand dyed bag

DIY hand dyed bag- amy+mayd

I’ve never dyed any fabric in my life but I have to admit, I realized doing this project, it is really fun and pretty simple too! I just completed this bag for my sister this past week as a birthday gift for her. I think it turned out pretty cute and you know I have been obsessed with finding fun uses for felt flowers! So here are the tips and tricks of attempting this DIY hand dyed bag for yourself.

What you will need for dying:

  • RIT dye, color of your choice (I used the powdered form)
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • measuring cup
  • bucket
  • plastic spoon
  • empty sink
  • Plastic gloves, to protect your hands
  • Canvas tote bag
  • Ajax or similar powdered cleaner and scrubber brush (for quickly cleaning your sink)

What you will need for sewing:

  • Dry canvas tote bag
  • Felt flowers of your choice
  • Felt leaves of your choice
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissors

DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag

From my photos above, I will outline the dyeing process. (The directions are also enclosed in every dye packet)

  1. Run your tap water until it is very HOT. Measure two cups hot water, set aside.
  2. Empty packet of powdered dye into the bottom of the bucket, stir in two cups hot water until dye is dissolved.
  3. Set bucket in sink and fill mostly full, about 3 gallons. Add one cup white vinegar.
  4. Slowly add canvas tote to dye bath and begin to stir. 
  5. Continue to stir 10-30min., depending on how dark you want your color, longer in the darker it will be. (as you can see from the photos above my dye bath is MUCH darker than the bag when finished)
  6. When you think you are done dyeing your tote, SLOWLY dump your dye bath water in your sink. Leave canvas tote in bucket.
  7. Immediately clean your sink so that it does not get stained. 
  8. Begin to fill your bucket with hot, clean, water in order to rinse your bag. (I just let my bucket overflow in my sink for about 10 minutes)
  9. Continue the rinsing process without the bucket. Squeeze out excess dye and gradually cool down the temperature of your water until your tote bag runs clear.
  10. When dye is no longer running from your bag, wash it in warm water, separately, in your washing machine. (Remember to run washing machine once by itself after this process so that your clothes don’t pick up any dye next time you use your machine) Here are some other tips on cleaning your washing machine.
  11. Lay flat to dry, turn over after a few hours
And you’re finished!


DIY hand dyed bag

DIY hand dyed bag- amy+mayd

I know dyeing fabric may seem a little intimidating but it really isn’t once you have tried it! After my bag was dry I simply stitched some handmade felt flowers onto my bag and some simple green leaves. This part was a sinch and I think the bag turned out pretty cute. Hopefully my sister can use it 🙂 Happy birthday Sissy! LOVE you!

DIY hand dyed bag DIY hand dyed bag

Have you ever dyed fabric? Any tips or tricks?

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