My best toy investments for my active toddler

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My oldest moved around in my belly so much that I used to tell Mr. P “something isn’t right,” and called the doctor a few times scared of my daughter’s frantic movements. At one point I asked my OB if it was possible that my daughter was having a seizure in my belly — that’s how active she was! It scared me, but when she arrived completely healthy, I realized that that was just the way she is — active and quite intense.

She never tired as a toddler, and I have always had to help her manage this energy in a constructive way with many creative toys and activities. When I buy toys, I like to purchase things that will last a long time age-wise and that are durable. Here are a few of my favorite investments that are highly recommended if you have an active toddler:



1. Diggin Jumpstart Trampoline – This trampoline has saved my day more than a few times. When my daughter starts getting super energetic, I ask her to show me her jumps. The best part is we are able to play with this indoors when the weather is bad outside.


2. Cra-Z Art Ultimate 4-in-1 Easel – Gemma loves art so for her birthday we invested in this easel. Drawing and painting can keep her entertained for long stretches of time.


3. K’NEX Tinkertoy Pink Building Set – These were a Christmas present from the grandparents last year, and they too have been an awesome investment! We can make lots of different animals and towers or she can just play with the individual pieces.


4. B. Parum Pum Drum – This set of musical instruments is always a winner. We just turn on the music and rock out.


5. Schwinn 12″ Roadster Trike –  Hands down, the best investment ever. This bike rocks. It was easy for Gemma to learn and all of her friends always try it when they visit us. She figured the basics out on her second birthday the very first day she tried it.


6. Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train Set – Gemma received this train set from baby Summer while we were in the hospital. It has been a great investment not only as a train set but also to play “city.”


7. Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set – This is my favorite puzzle. Gemma loves all of the pieces and we can talk about size, color and shape sorting.


What toys keep your active toddler busy?


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