Best Pumpkin Activities

We love Pumpkins and all things Fall! I want to share a few really fun Pumpkin activities with you today that you and your kids will love to work on at home!

First up and one of my favorites: Pumpkin Soup or you could call it pumpkin potion it is really just water play with things related to fall. You can use a baking pan and fill it with water and a few drops of orange color. Next let your child drop in mini pumpkins, cinnamon and lots of Fall pieces to play with and stir and pour. Get the complete recipe here!

Pumpkin water Play

Pumpkin play dough: Use my play dough recipe and create a beautiful squishy dough that lasts for your kiddos and add in orange dye and a bit of pumpkin spice. It smells amazing and your kids will have so much fun! For this activity, I let my little guy make a play dough pie with a pie pan and pieces of lavender and other purple flowers from our garden. He loved sticking in each stalk and this sensory and fine motor task kept him busy and entertained for quite a while.

Pumpkin Playdough

Grow your own Pumpkins: This was a really fun activity, we love to garden and I have always wanted to grow pumpkins for Fall. We watered them a lot and watched them pop up here and there in the garden. They turned out to be funny shapes and it was somewhat hot so I think they grew sort of funny but the experience was so much fun and we got five sweet pumpkins out of it!

Growing Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Watercolor Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin Watercolors: Learning to paint pumpkins is so much fun and my kids enjoyed it a lot. I made a few video tutorials so you can enjoy learning how to paint pumpkins with your kiddos as well! Check them out here.

pumpkin playdough

More pumpkin Playdough using a pumpkin cookie cutter and rolling it out many times. Also, try printing with leaves in playdough. This naturally lends itself to nature walks with your kids to find the best leaves to use in their creations!

Pumpkin Playdough

Pumpkin Collage

Pumpkin Collage: We love to match a good book with a fun art activity. Here we read a great book about Halloween and then I cut out a cardboard pumpkin for my kids to paint and decorate. You can do this with any holiday, it is so simple and keeps the kids engaged in what they are reading and learning.

Halloween Spin Art

Pumpkin Spin Art: We adore spin art and use a salad spinner to create art often at home. This is the ultimate pumpkin activity because kids are so highly engaged, even older kids, in choosing their colors and spinning the salad spinner. Trust me when I say that all of the kids are begging for their turn to be next! Here we used coffee filters and Halloween colors but you could cut out cardboard in the shape of a pumpkin and then put them directly into the spinner.

Ideas for fun fall painting pumpkins

Painting Pumpkins: One of my all time favorite pumpkin activities we do this almost every year! My kids love to paint their pumpkins and its honestly so much easier than carving because the kids can be really creative (safely) without you hovering over their shoulder for two hours. I still love carving but painting is so much fun especially for little kids that shouldn’t be around sharp objects. My son decided to paint his pumpkins black this year to make them more spooky while one of my daughters is making a deer and one is making a dog on their pumpkins! Check out more ideas we are into this Fall on my instagram!

For more Halloween crafts and books check out this list! And for all of my Fall Favorites check here!

Happy Pumpkin time!

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