Favorite Fall Ideas

I love Fall time don’t you? Everything slows down slightly, the air changes, the light changes, it’s warm and festive. I love to eat soup and play games with my kids, read stories and start thinking about holidays! Today, I want to share a few beautiful and fun projects we’ve been working on lately! I hope that you try some of these fun Fall ideas and don’t forget to find me on instagram, etsy and YouTube for more fun ideas!

Here are some of my favorite Fall Ideas:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Baking Bread: I love baking bread in the Fall. It makes everyone happy and now there are even a lot of GF versions of some of our favorite recipes that I can actually have! Here are some of my favorite Fall Ideas for Bread! Check out this fun watercolor tutorial on my YouTube to!

  • Banana Bread
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • GF Breads
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Corn Bread
  • Baked Cinnamon Apple Rose

apple cinnamon rose

poetry tea time

I also love to add chocolate chips to these breads, except the corn bread of course which is served with dinner. I make a bread as a mid morning snack for my kids often and then we do some painting or other art project. Here is the link to this winter doodle watercolor tutorial to enjoy with your kiddos! You might also consider having a poetry tea time with snacks and poetry books for your kids. My kids love this!

winter doodle watercolor


Ideas for fun fall painting pumpkins

Painting Pumpkins: One of our all time favorite things to do is to gather fun pumpkins around town and decorate them! Lots for the porch or fireplace, some on the dining table, and of course some to paint. This year my son decided his would be much spookier if they were painted black. They turned out really cool and were a great addition to our house!

Fall bookish play

Bookish Play: We also love to match a book and an activity! We call this bookish play. Here we are reading the book: “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” and we’ve matched it with some Fall watercolor and sharpie work. My kids love to come up with the projects but watercoloring is always a simple way to incorporate bookish play! Checkout all of my watercolor videos you can share with your kiddos!

Mushroom Weaving

Mushroom Weaving: Or hand weaving of any kind is super fun for young kiddos! Simply cut a cardboard piece in the shape of your subject and use notches to help you get started wrapping and weaving. Your kids will love this project as a boredom buster and I feel that it is simple enough that most kids kinder plus can do it.

Mushroom Weaving

Graphing paper art

Graphing Paper Art: Another simple fall activity yet one of our favorites. Use graphic paper to create art with colored pencils. Give your kids a starter template like a tree, or just let them figure out their own abstract art! My kids love this project and like to try different media as well.


Mushroom playdough Playdough mandala

Fall Playdough: Of course I cannot leave play dough off the list and you must checkout my pumpkin play dough ideas on this post but here are some cute mushroom ideas with google eyes and some simple mandalas with play dough and beans!

Leaf Matching

Leaf Hunting: Nature walks will always be one of my all time favorite things to do with my kids. I love to watch their faces light up as the go on a leaf hunt or when we do nature weaving. Literally the best when they realize the natural world is full of so many treasures. Hands down one of my favorite fall activities.

Nature Hunt

Leaf hunting

Mushroom Art Kit

Mushroom Art Kit: Here is my fun Mushroom art kit as well. We love this kit, it is so fun and you can get one delivered right to your home too! Check out all of my kits here.

Mushroom Art Kit

I hope you enjoyed my favorite fall activities! Check back for more inspiration!





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