Pumpkin Soup Water Play

Water play is one of our favorite activities, since my oldest was born all of my kids have shown such a liking to water play. Water play is fun, sensory, imaginative and freeing to kids. It is so nice to allow them to make their own mixtures and practice pouring and mixing outdoors. My kids love making soups and potions and pumpkin is a perfect theme for Fall!

pumpkin soup water play Pumpkin water play

Here is how I made this water play:

First, I cleared off a spot on our patio table and added some fun and festive containers. I used a few wooden bowls a large circular cake pan, and two pumpkin trays.

Next, I added some water and a few drops of orange color to the cake pan. I let my son mix this up, he loved seeing how the water color changed.

Lastly, I got out some add ins that he could put in on his own and start mixing. Things that you can put out for your kids to add to their water play are:

  • flowers, dried or fresh
  • small balls
  • small pumpkins
  • cinnamon
  • sprinkles
  • pinecones
  • sticks
  • feathers
  • flat glass stones

Of course if you have younger toddlers you want to be mindful of how small of objects you let them play with and you wouldn’t want them to drop any glass plates or trays. Older preschoolers though and older kids in general love to add smaller items and use pitchers and bowls and cups.

Pumpkin water play Pumpkin water play

I love open ended activities like these because they allow kids to roam free from the constraints of indoors and make their own rules outdoors. It is so freeing and honestly its so natural and fun for them. Starting to incorporate these types of play becomes routine after awhile and you can get your kids their own store of water play items!

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