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I am going to link my schedule for you so you can use it. But I just want to tell you a little about the possibilities of homeschool. So if you look around on instagram or the internet in general, you will start finding the beauty in homeschool. WOW! Some moms have absolutely breathtaking ideas, and homes. Please, do not be intimidated by this, be encouraged by this. Most of the women who have it all together as homeschool moms, have been doing it for years. I am in my second year and I have learned so much!

Homeschooling truly is a beautiful thing you can do for and with your children and I have seen it be incredibly fruitful in our lives. I will get into all of that as well but right now I want to talk about your day. 

So homeschooling days are generally different each day. You do not need to spend 8am-3pm homeschooling. Homeschooling is such a personalized situation for each family that I want to assure you that you can do this, it can be fun and it doesn’t have to be stressful.

I want you to think about what you would like to accomplish throughout each week of homeschooling and then write that all down in a list format. You will of course have your general subjects: Math, English, Science and History but what else would you add to your ideal week? Would you include sports, handwriting, typing, music, art or nature walks? Maybe scheduled field trips? These are the things you need to first sort through.

Once you have a weekly list I want you to assign a day to each of the things on your list. Will you do math and english 5x a week or only 3? Will you do a science project each week? Etc. Once you know how often you want to include each subject and activity then you can start planning out your homeschool day. If you don’t know the answers to these questions yet don’t worry, just give it a good try and you can amend your schedule as you determine your curriculum and what activities are available in your area. For example I am going to include my schedules and I also want you to realize that your schedule will need to be amended. This is just part of life. Sports change, needs change and that’s the beauty of homeschool, you can change things that aren’t working and you can change as a season changes. Don’t be too locked into one schedule that has to last the entire year.

Once you have come up with a weekly schedule you will be able to create a daily rhythm. A daily rhythm is an overall flow to your days it is not a military schedule. This is the beauty of homeschool as well. You can still be you and do other things throughout your day. You are still a mom, you might have other children or a job and we all have chores and cooking that seem never ending. You can make time for all of your usual daily life while carving out a special amount of time for homeschooling. For my family, all of my children function better at the beginning of the day. I’ve noticed that when I try to homeschool in the afternoon it doesn’t work well for our family. I encourage you to try different timing but for us through trial and error I have realized the mornings for roughly 2-4 hours suits our needs the best. I try to make Friday a fun day by incorporating field trips, or more loose subjects like science experiments or cooking.

I recommend getting into an established routine at the beginning of your school year for the first month or so. After that first month you can really start mixing things up! Once the kids know what is expected of them, you can start homeschooling at different locations occasionally like the park or a friend’s home or even while you travel! The possibilities with homeschool are almost endless. It is truly such a beautiful endeavor and you will love it even more with time invested.

Link to my schedule:

Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule

Homeschool Schedule 2020

Homeschool Schedule 2020

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