How to Homeschool

I have written a short book I am calling “How to Homeschool: A Quick Start Guide” for those interested in learning more about how I homeschool! I am going to link the book in this post.

Here is the cover so you can see what the main topics are:

How to Homeschool

Here is an excerpt from the book:

There is an adjustment period in homeschooling, especially if your kids have gone to public school for a long time. You will have to be patient with them and with yourself realizing that these habits were not formed overnight. Habits include rushing through work to get it done and not taking the time to fully understand something for the actual joy of learning it as well as learning tied to rewards systems. The good news is that these habits were broken relatively easily with the exposure to a more robust curriculum.

The summer season naturally lends itself to unschooling, defintiely take advantage of this the summer before you begin homeschooling. You will be researching curriculum most likely and you’ll find that there is some amazing stuff out there. While you are prepping for homeschooling, let your kids be very flexible and free over summer and encourage them to pursue anything and everything they are interested in learning. This natural spark of curiosity is the backbone of homeschooling.

And here is the link to the book: I hope you enjoy it!

How to Homeschool: A Quick Start Guide

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