make toddler kitchen food

fake food_1 copy

As a girl I loved my play kitchen and would often play in it for hours. During the warm months I remember my mom putting it outside for my sister and I to play with. Some of my best memories are from that little kitchen. I really want those same memories for my kiddos so we bought Gemma a toddler kitchen when she turned one.

fake food_4

She has the regular “food” and tea sets but I got to thinking about helping her be more imaginative and came up with this idea. I decided to make her some generic food items for her kitchen that she could pretend with. I save empty containers sometimes and I thought the small ones would make good fake food items.

fake food_3

To make fake food items yourself you will need:

  • empty, clean containers (small boxes, empty food products, spice jars, etc.)
  • mod podge
  • sponge paintbrush
  • scrapbook paper in prints of your choice
  • scissors

fake food

And to put it all together simply cut paper to fit; mod podge container to allow the paper to stick and then again to seal the paper and you’re finished. Don’t you love a project that’s easy?? I know I do.

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