how a tray can simplify your life

Bubbles Holder Rustic Tray- Morgan Hill Designs

A tray is a great addition to almost any tabletop. It adds instant storage and dynamic to an otherwise flat tabletop. You can use a simple tray, like one of these, to not only serve food in the traditional sense but also to serve yourself some morning simplicity! Think keys, wallet, cell phone… all in one place.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Tray- DoubleEDesign

The cool thing is there are so many different types of trays. I really like these rustic inspired trays but how interesting is this hardened crochet tray shown below? Intricate and detailed, trays don’t have to be matchy matchy with your chosen tabletop. For instance, in my entry way, I now have a travel inspired tray that hold all of my last-minute leave the house goodies, some inspirational reads, and a few personal photos, however, it is all atop a vintage dresser that has a different color and design completely. The two contrast but compliment each other in an unexpected way.

Crochet Tray Basket with Handles- BudgetonaHeartstring

Textured trays like these are great for breaking up larger furniture pieces and add instant interest.

Parlor Tray - Menswear Inspired- SomethingBeachyStore

And how cool is this simple frame tray idea?



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