Spring Photos and Lately

This is my favorite time of year. I love Spring because I get so inspired to start new projects and be outside. I love outdoor living. It is so much easier to entertain the kids outside in the beautiful sunshine … Continue reading

Valentines Day Watercolor Cards for Kids

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Gemma and I made these simple little watercolor hearts the other day to share as Valentines. She hung them up with tape by our fireplace. This was a super simple Valentines Day project, similar to this one we did … Continue reading

taking time for nothing

morning out our kitchen window

I am admittedly SO bad at this. I was always a “busy body” but since becoming a mom I feel like I’ve turned into busy body hyper overdrive. Yikes. Case in point at this very moment my daughters are both … Continue reading

Watercolor with Kids


  One of my favorite hobbies is watercoloring. It is really relaxing to make different blends with watercolor on paper. The great thing about this hobby is that it is inexpensive and it can be shared with children. Gemma really … Continue reading

15 things to do with your toddler while nursing

nursing basket

I have talked to a few moms about this and have researched a little bit but ultimately it took just living these past few weeks through it to figure out what activities are good ones for Gemma while nursing Summer. … Continue reading

two hour playroom cleanup


Last Sunday, I realized our playroom had become out of control. So I did a quick two-hour playroom cleanup on it and reorganized all of our toys. I moved a lot of the currently unpopular toys and infant toys into … Continue reading

DIY string monogram art

DIY string monogram art

Here is a fun project creating your own DIY string monogram art. I made one of these for my nursery (above) and recently made one for a friend for her nursery as well. An initial or monogram would look cute … Continue reading

The number one design problem found in most homes

Today, I am going to let you in on a little secret; the number one design problem found in most homes. I see it all the time and from time to time I am guilty of it as well. So … Continue reading

the realities of raising chickens

raising chickens

A lot of my friends have been interested in raising their own chickens in their suburban areas so I thought I would write a post on the realities of this age-old venture. Many of you know that my dad is … Continue reading

four broad tips on how to organize your entire house

I am going to start a series here with four broad tips on how to organize your ENTIRE house. Today’s post will be about the methods that I used to get our house under control and out of clutter which … Continue reading