yard sale steals

For my 30th birthday we went on a little mini vacation to the central coast for a few nights. When we planned the trip, we didn’t know that one of the small towns was having a city-wide yard sale that … Continue reading

Spring Photos and Lately

This is my favorite time of year. I love Spring because I get so inspired to start new projects and be outside. I love outdoor living. It is so much easier to entertain the kids outside in the beautiful sunshine … Continue reading

rug shopping

An area rug, even in a small space can be an instant update. Come with me and let’s do a little rug shopping on this beautiful Saturday… 1. Best bohemian pattern. Would look great in a free-spirited, artistic living room. … Continue reading

two hour playroom cleanup


Last Sunday, I realized our playroom had become out of control. So I did a quick two-hour playroom cleanup on it and reorganized all of our toys. I moved a lot of the currently unpopular toys and infant toys into … Continue reading

The number one design problem found in most homes

Today, I am going to let you in on a little secret; the number one design problem found in most homes. I see it all the time and from time to time I am guilty of it as well. So … Continue reading

the realities of raising chickens

raising chickens

A lot of my friends have been interested in raising their own chickens in their suburban areas so I thought I would write a post on the realities of this age-old venture. Many of you know that my dad is … Continue reading

four broad tips on how to organize your entire house

I am going to start a series here with four broad tips on how to organize your ENTIRE house. Today’s post will be about the methods that I used to get our house under control and out of clutter which … Continue reading

fun backyard projects

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! My family had a great day and I am now looking forward to the rest of this very Spring week. Our weather has been sunny a few days and then a rain … Continue reading

a garden in the shade

Last week, I wrote about my shady garden area that I am trying to design and needing to find plants for. So I have done a little research and here are a few cool plants that grow well in the shade. The … Continue reading

DIY tin sign collage

tin sign collage

Today has been a brilliant day.. the weather is awesome (82 right now!) and Gemma and I have had a great day even considering we had to go to the dentist! She did great and didn’t shed one tear! I … Continue reading