a gift for your sister with free printable


I made this cute bird art for my little girls’ nursery but I thought I’d share the printable version with you in case you wanted to make a gift for your sister. I was truly inspired to make this piece … Continue reading

DIY wagon parking sign tutorial

DIY wagon parking sign

We have three wagons, two large ones and one doll sized one. Anyhow, I was inspired to make this little parking sign because I thought it would be funny to have a designated “wagon parking” area in our yard. After … Continue reading

DIY string monogram art

DIY string monogram art

Here is a fun project creating your own DIY string monogram art. I made one of these for my nursery (above) and recently made one for a friend for her nursery as well. An initial or monogram would look cute … Continue reading

making storage from an old shutter

I had a few old shutters from my parents old house laying around and a friend and I started talking about making storage from an old shutter so this is what we came up with! She needed it because she … Continue reading

how to make signs with text

I love signs with text and cute quotes. I was inspired to make this piece by this post from little miss momma on choosing a family motto. I started thinking about what our family motto might be and this is … Continue reading

DIY star sign wall art

DIY star sign

Do you believe in horoscopes? I think I kind of do. Most that I read are spot on, especially when looking up someone’s sign. I still have some major scepticism but they are entertaining for sure and I am not … Continue reading

nursery room ABC art tutorial

ABC art tutorial

Last year, I realized I wanted to display the ABC’s in my daughter’s room in a unique way but I didn’t find anything online or in stores that matched my vision, so I started out making this piece. I first, … Continue reading

DIY tin sign collage

tin sign collage

Today has been a brilliant day.. the weather is awesome (82 right now!) and Gemma and I have had a great day even considering we had to go to the dentist! She did great and didn’t shed one tear! I … Continue reading

current obsession…felt flowers

felt flower medley

I know I have been posting a lot about felt flowers lately and I think I might be developing an obsession, but I can’t get enough of them! They are relatively easy to make and have so many uses. I … Continue reading

clever items to collect

The hardest thing about having a collection is displaying it in a beautiful way. I love this tea-pot collection, so colorful and cheerful for a dining area. Likewise, these woven baskets make a great entrance statement. And these plates look just as charming … Continue reading