object printing, the class

Object printing was such a fun class! Each kiddo received a strawberry basket that included the following items: plastic animal paper towel roll, cut into a 1″ section cork small sponge pine leaf plastic ice cube small plastic cup lego … Continue reading

Clay Creations, the class

I just finished my second art class session this week and it was a blast! This class focused on creating imprints with nature objects in clay. We used leaves, pinecones, seashells, twigs and flowers and they turned out so beautiful! … Continue reading

sewing a maxi dress tutorial update

My original chevron maxi dress tutorial seems to be making its way around pinterest so I decided to update my tutorial with step by step instructions to clarify some of the questions you’ve written me about. Here is my brand … Continue reading

make tissue paper votives


This is a project Gemma and I did on Valentines day, tissue paper votives,  but it could be done anytime with different color schemes. Super simple but requires a little mommy help because of the glass. We used small tissue … Continue reading

make a felt flower crown

flower crown

I’ve been wanting to make a felt flower crown for Gemma for a long time so I finally gave it a try! I used a simple women’s headband that I already had and some felt in various colors. Before I … Continue reading

Valentines Day Watercolor Cards for Kids

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Gemma and I made these simple little watercolor hearts the other day to share as Valentines. She hung them up with tape by our fireplace. This was a super simple Valentines Day project, similar to this one we did … Continue reading

19 faces

I’m a big fan of kids creating their own art, it’s probably my favorite thing to do with my daughter because I can tell that she truly enjoys it. There is nothing to practice with art or to master for … Continue reading

simple Valentines cards

valentines card

Remember the days of cutting hearts out of construction paper? And lets not forget the stapled together envelopes that would hold all of your Valentines in class. Well, Gemma and I did some Valentines day card crafting of our own … Continue reading