Clay Creations, the class


I just finished my second art class session this week and it was a blast! This class focused on creating imprints with nature objects in clay. We used leaves, pinecones, seashells, twigs and flowers and they turned out so beautiful! The day before class I took my girls on a little nature walk to collect treasures for class, always one of my favorite kid activities. We had completed a project similar to this with our co-op group last year so this was a fun revisit of this project.


When the kids arrived for class we started with a little circle time where we passed around the paintbrush and said our name and “what we liked to do/play outside in nature?” I love hearing their sweet answers!

clay_12 clay_11

After circle time, each kid grabbed a plate and we formed a quick buffet line past all of the nature objects so they could each chose a few special ones. When the kids sat down, I passed out some clay rectangles that each child could make imprints on. When the kids were finished making their prints I passed out some blobs of clay for them to free play, cut and imprint on their own. I think they really enjoyed exploring the clay and seeing how everyday objects could leave a print.





One of the coolest things that happened in my first session of this class was Gemma’s interpretation of the project. Gemma and I have completed this project before so I do prefer to choose projects that are open-ended and up for multiple interpretations. I love when kids put their spin on things, it’s something I’ve learned through and through with Gemma because she always has new ideas and wants to try things that are out of the ordinary. When she began to stand her objects up in the clay and make a treehouse; I was proud of her and thought it was a cool spin on the project! All in all, clay, like watercolor class, was awesome and I am sure I learned as much as the kids. Thank you to all mommies and kids who came out to this class!!



clay_2The clay used in this class takes about 24 hours to dry and can be painted with watercolor, acrylic or tempra paints! The rectangle imprints work well as magnets, ornaments, pendants or keepsakes!



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