treasure blocks, the class

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Treasure Blocks was a really neat class that focused on allowing children to define the concept of “treasure”. This project came to me last Summer when I was trying to think of things for Gemma to do around the house. She had developed an interest in maps and I thought making our own treasures would be a really fun project.

This project is great for kids of all ages because it is so open-ended, creative and up for interpretation. Art that really inspires kids to gain confidence in their own abilities; I LOVE that. So much. And I was blessed to see that through my own kids and all of our friends that joined us for these classes!

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Each child had a slightly different take on the project. Some really enjoyed painting and others really enjoyed glueing. Gemma really enjoyed pouring glue over her entire block after it was finished which created some cool frozen feathers. I also noticed some kids enjoyed being rigorous about the sides each being a specific color and some were fine mixing all colors on all sides. I just really had a great time observing and assisting them in their mini masterpieces!

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