post 100, a few new doors

Morrocan Doors- That Bohemian Girl

I have been lolly-gagging on writing my 100th post because it seems like it should be something special or profound as it is a small milestone for me! Anyhow, I thought what better way to commemorate post 100 other than by showing a few beautifully aged colorful architectural doors.

Weathered door in Greenwich Village-DECLAN MCCULLAGH PHOTOGRAPHY

Why doors you might be wondering? Well, I’d like to open a few new ones and I’d like to extend one to you. What is your favorite topic posted thus far? I post on a variety of different topics mostly related to architecture, DIY projects, etsy finds and home design. Do any of my readers out there have any topics they would like to see more of? I am currently evaluating my blog and want to improve it this summer so if you have any feedback feel free to let me know! Thanks Readers!

Old Blue Door- Via Pinterest

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