how to use your grandmother’s glass to decorate for spring

I am really becoming obsessed with white milk glass items, the kind of glass my grandmother stashed away. My mother, sisters and I always wonder what to do with all of that family glass, you know, the type that you aren’t really supposed to use because it’s old and fragile so it remains hidden away in your china cabinet? Since spring is right around the corner and I think milk glass is a great item to pull out and actually utilize if you have some. If you don’t have any, you can hunt for it on Etsy or in antique stores and bonus it is pretty affordable!

Milk Glass Vase Collection- Vintage Herend

I recently wrote a post on how to use Cake Stands to elevate your kitchen decor. Well, just think of how beautiful it would be to elevate some light spring pastel pillar candles or blossoms amongst several different heights of these gorgeous milk glass vases. The different heights can play against each other and create a real harmonious spring look (think “growing flowers”)

Vintage Milk Glass Vases- CountryHomeCityHome

I think in general we are afraid to use white just as we are afraid to use grandma’s glass or china but the combinations could really lead to some beautiful still life in your home. For spring you can easily add one blossoming branch to a white vase and the subtlety would be intensely beautiful.

Yellow Lemons in Milk Glass Bowl- PrettyPetalStudio

I love the understated look of these simple lemons in this milk glass bowl. The easy part about decorating with this beautiful glass is you only need to add one or two subtle colors and your tabletop or shelf will really pop against the white. The contrast is great.

Sale Milk Glass Candle Holders- CameoLace

These candle holder’s would be fabulous with some turquoise or lavender candle sticks for a spring meal.

Vintage Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Cake Stand- Tie The Knot Vintage

And lastly, I have to throw in a few cake stands as you know I love to use them in multiple ways! Bring out the special glass and china you never use and don’t forget that white is the perfect foundation to build a spring look from, it is fresh and new, just like the season. If you are as excited about spring as I am check out this image treasury I created Cant Wait for Spring!

Vintage Milk Glass Cake Stand- thevintagetreehouse

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