striking sofa style, chose a standout piece

Cast Iron Bathtub Couch- ruffhouseart

I have to say, when thinking of chosing a sofa for my house I probably wouldn’t think claw-foot bathtub, but since it is a Friday, I want to have a little fun! How cool are these Bathtub Sofa’s by Ruffle House Art? I don’t know that I would personally use one in my home, but I think they would be awesome on a garden patio! They are colorful and witty!

Dragon Slayer Sofa- sprucehome

If I had an empty room to incorporate bold furniture I would love to choose a vintage style sofa that has a bold shape and color. I think all of these standout sofas are eye candy, but if you had the space they would be an awesome place to read or lounge.

Classic baby blue couch- namedesignstudio

I love the shape of this bright blue one and although the pattern is eccentric, it is fun and really, isn’t that what our spaces should reflect?

Blue Black Houndstooth French Regency- metrosofa

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