a statement piece, every room needs one

A Life Worth Living- Sharon Cummings

A statement piece is the object that all design in a room or quite possibly an entire thought of architecture can be derived and developed from. These paintings by Sharon Cummings are truly beautiful pieces of work and I can see a brilliant room inspired from each of them. Her work is bold, and passionate yet modern, tasteful and not over-powering.

Abstract Landscape- Sharon Cummings

If you are having trouble giving your room life you can do what I do and find one item you love. Like a painting or beautiful piece of art, something you see and you think about after if you don’t purchase it or if you do purchase it on the spot, you are extremely excited to show everyone. This is a statement piece. It doesn’t have to be dramatic to everyone in the room, it has to be dramatic to you. It’s your home.

So, if you love it, plan a room around it. Pull paint colors from your newly acquired palate and find decor that compliments the piece in both color and feel. If you need direction, you first need to find an inspiration. Trust your gut and only purchase something you know is right for you. Do you have a statement piece that drives one of or all of your room decor?

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