Mirrored Reflections….

Douglas Fir Mirror-thomasburmaster

A mirror like this can really be a dramatic statement piece in a room and an unexpected decor item to mix amongst personal photographs and framed art pieces. I like to place a mirror in an unexpected place as opposed to the traditional above a fireplace mantle or in the center of a wall. Try to the far left or right of a wall or at the end of a hallway to highlight the natural architectural features of your home and avoid making your guests feel that their reflection is always on display. Near your door or at the bottom of a staircase is also a convenient location which provides a last-minute style check before you hit the town. It could be a life saver if you are always on the go.

Recycled Copper Mirror- VaughanFurniture

Mirrors in an unexpected color or material can really be cool, unique, pieces because they are so unexpected. I love rustic wooden mirrors and check out this aged copper mirror, it would look fantastic on a gray wall! The combination is wonderful because it brings traditional outdoor, industrial, materials into the home but not in a cold or oppressive way.

For a few more mirror picks with major character check out this image compilation: Sixteen Reflections

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