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DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart- Emily Henderson

With the holidays impending and bringing with them lots of guests popping in, dinner parties and hopefully a few quiet evenings near the fireplace, what better idea than to set up your very own old-fashioned bar cart?

Bar Cart Ideas

Bar Cart Ideas- Lacy Cheyenne

Here are a few gorgeous ideas, whether you have a bar cart on hand or just a tray and some console table space. You could choose a few of your favorite drinks, some gorgeous crystal glasses and get as crafty as you have time for.

Mid-Century Decanters

Mid-Century Decanters- Jolly Time One

I am really kicking myself because I saw these exact decanters above this weekend at a vintage shop for what turns out was a ridiculously low price… and I passed them up… ugh! These would look great on a bar cart or displayed in the kitchen…. you don’t have to be an avid drinker to appreciate that mid-century graphic text.

Vintage Bar Cart

Vintage Bar Cart- Starbies and Sangrias

All of these images contain links to some awesome blogs that detail their essential mini bar items or their makeovers of garage sale bar cart finds. I loved reading about them and I think if you are interested in this topic you’ll definitely love these links.

DIY Bar Car Makeovers

DIY Bar Car Makeovers- Mimosas in the Morning

This was a cute one for outdoors, I’d like to have a sturdy one on my patio one day. I’ll take the pink flamingo too!

Bar Cart

Bar Cart- Better Decorating Bible

This one is great and showcases adding little organizers to hold bottle openers, fruit, candy, games etc. Love the idea of ultra-organized entertaining.

Bar Cart Makeover

Bar Cart Makeover- anh-minh

This is a really simple makeover but I qualify it hugely successful, this bar cart only cost $25!!! wow! And look how the marquee sign above transports you back in time!

Bar Cart

Bar Cart- Better Decorating Bible

And lastly, I really like bar carts that are integrated into the room like this one. Check out how the lamp and vase are resting on the cart instead of the normal end table. Ease of use. Lots and lots of great ideas here. Definitely adding this to my list of vintage shop items I need to find.







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