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Trick or Treat TIC TAC TOE

Trick or Treat TIC TAC TOE- wants and wishes

So here is my dilemma  what to hand out to trick or treaters in my neighborhood? I want to have cool candy options for the little neighbor kids but when I get the little mini candy bars and typical Halloween candy, I always end up having to quickly count out candies or I end up giving giant handfuls and run out of candy fast. So this year, I am thinking I will go with some of these ideas if I have time. Cute little Tic Tac Toe candy game above with those mini pumpkins and some candy corn.

DIY monster cello bag treats

DIY monster cello bag treats- The Celebration Shoppe

Or these easy DIY monster cello bags, made with simple bags, candy and cute sharpy sketched faces.

Halloween Spider Lollipop Craft

Halloween Spider Lollipop Craft- Preschool Crafts for Kids

I really like this spider lollipop craft, I could do this one with Gemma she would think it was cool!

triple dipped candycorn carmel apples

triple dipped candycorn carmel apples- wants and wishes

Candy apples aren’t really a treat to handout but boy aren’t these ones beautiful and festive? I wanted to include them in case you are going to a Halloween party this year and need a cool looking treat. Check out eek shriek and be scary from the blog wants and wishes, they have loads of cool ideas, a few of which I have included in this post.

Brownie and pretzel skeletons

Brownie and pretzel skeletons- wants and wishes

Love these brownie and pretzel skeletons… how fun!

candy men

candy men- trey and lucy

Here is a DIY candy men tutorial for some Halloween fun with the kiddos and you could hand these out as well.

DIY Halloween Treat Cones

DIY Halloween Treat Cones- Sand and Sisal

And lastly, I really like these simple treat cones… easy to make with scrapbook paper and takes counting or choosing serving sizes for trick or treaters out of the equation.

I will have more posts on Halloween ideas  in the next few days, ideas for couples costumes and movies to watch. Here are some other festive Halloween ideas and inspirations:

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Happy fall y’all

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