make treasures with your kids


Isn’t it sweet how kids think anything shiny is awesome? Well, I challenged Gemma to make some treasures of her own, and this is what she came up with. I broke this up into two different projects, painting and gluing, but she had a good time doing both. After they were dry, we took turns hiding the treasures around the house and finding them. It was a really simple and fun game!

To assist your kids in making treasure blocks this is what you’ll need:

  • blocks of wood, can be found at a local crafts store
  • acrylic paints in your choice colors
  • paint brush
  • vintage buttons
  • white glue

The project is pretty self-explanatory, but I just set up some newspaper and paints for Gemma and had her go to town creating the color of the blocks. She layered on tons of paint and mixed it all together to create some beautiful swirl patterns.

After her blocks were dry, I gave her a small tray of buttons to chose from and she began to glue her buttons with Elmer’s white glue. After the blocks were dry, she was free to play with them!

This is such an easy project but I think she really had fun with the notion that she was creating a special treasure. I think projects like these reinforce a sense of pride in our children’s art work which is a simple way to boost their confidence in creating.

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