buying vintage for Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas Little Golden Book- Just for you

The countdown has begun only 14 days left until Christmas! So if you still have to get through your list, consider buying vintage! This little golden book I spied while downtown yesterday will make a perfect gift topper for “baby’s first Christmas”.

Vintage Locket

Vintage Locket – Mint Designs

A vintage piece of jewelry is always a beautiful idea for a woman in your life. Oftentimes, the designs of “back when” are much more ornate and intricate than today’s pieces. I really like this 1950s cherry blossom locket.

Vintage Games

Vintage Games- FlossyBobbsey

Here is a set of vintage games that a kid would surely adore.

Vintage Coffee Mugs

Vintage Coffee Mugs- Coffee Tropolis

These coffee mugs are a pretty vintage print for your favorite hostess or cook.

Vintage French Photograph

Vintage French Photograph- Miss Quite Contrary

For the art lover, I chose this vintage Eiffel tower print.. I would love to have this and it’s on sale! It is really gorgeous!

Vintage Harp Harmonica

Vintage Harp Harmonica- VintageAndVictorian

And lastly, for a music lover or the avid free- spirit in your life, I like this cool vintage harmonica! Hope these ideas inspire you to give vintage gifts a try, sometimes you can find really sweet and unique stuff… plus with etsy you can shop vintage right from your computer!

Happy Holidays!!

One thought on “buying vintage for Christmas

  1. Amy,
    You’re vintage harmonica almost made me tear up a bit! My great-grandfather would sit around when we were kids and play us his harmonica for hours. I need to find me one of these!


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