Watercolor Tutorial With Painters Tape

Watercolor Tutorial for kids and beginners! click through to see other art lessons

This week we have been going, what seems like, nonstop! My video for this watercolor tutorial,  “Watercolor with Painter’s Tape” took me a little longer to edit then I had thought but it turned out to be so much fun! The lesson is up on my channel and all ready for you and your kids to enjoy.

In this lesson, I candidly recorded time spent with my kids doing this watercolor art project. You’ll see how easy and relaxing it can be to teach your own kids watercolor concepts that are educational and creative at the same time. This is something I’ve been doing with my kids for a really long time and I think it has helped them so much in terms of self expression, confidence and creative thinking.

The beautiful thing about this watercolor tutorial is it’s really simple and can be enjoyed by toddlers, school-aged kids and parents. All you need is some watercolor paper (I used three full size 9×12 sheets and cut one of them into quarter pieces), painters tape, paint brushes, watercolor set and a water jar. The supplies are inexpensive and the result is so pretty!

Watercolor Tutorial for kids and beginners, click through to see more free art lessons

My daughters and I used painters tape to create diamond patterns that turned out really beautiful, rectangles of different sizes, and even some stripes.

We had a lot of fun coloring in each square of the watercolor paper and talking about the shapes and colors we created with the painters tape.

Watercolor tutorial for kids and beginners using painters tape, click through to read the full directions

Next week, I am going to start some new content on the blog directed at those of you out there who have been interested in starting your own creative online business or growing one that you already have started. The mission of the site is going to be bringing creativity to the whole family–parents included!

Many of us have interest in starting a website, a shop, a blog or a creative online business and I have tips to share with you after navigating the blogging world for the past five years. I’ll still be featuring new family art ideas and lessons every week but now I’ll have some business tips that us creatives can utilize from home!

Be on the lookout for new creative business ideas, art lessons, DIY family projects, and lots more. Hope all of you are having a great week and an even better weekend.

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Watercolor tutorial for kids, click through to read the full article and see more free art lessons

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