how to save money by shopping at the dollar store

Okay, usually I would not post a pic of myself like this in a post… especially at 8.5 months pregnant!! But I had to because you won’t flipping believe where I got this fedora!?! The dollar store! You can’t be serious right? Seriously. I am not saying it looks amazing or has transformed me into a fashionista but I think it at least warrants a post on savvy shopping.

We all know household items eat up a lot of our budget and I just want to encourage you to try the dollar store first. I know it is extra effort and a lot easier to just go to a big box store and buy everything you need in one trip but you really can save a lot of money at the dollar store.

Anytime you are planning a party or get together the dollar store should be the first place you look for party supplies and gift wrapping supplies. You can easily get wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, scissors, and tissue paper each for a dollar and usually at bigger stores these are all over one dollar.

The dollar store is also really good for school supply type items like notepads, coloring books, pens, stickers, school charts etc. I get all of my preschool supplies there and it is such a money saver! Anyway, I encourage you to put out the extra effort and try the dollar store it doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you smart!

Things to buy at the dollar store:

  • envelopes
  • wrapping paper
  • packaging supplies
  • tape
  • bows
  • tissue paper
  • toothpaste
  • sponges
  • stickers
  • pens
  • hangers
  • seasonal decor
  • cards
  • gift bags
  • party supplies
  • fake flowers
  • Sunday newspapers
  • playing cards
  • notepads
  • kids books
  • coloring books
  • crayons
  • craft supplies
  • scissors
  • school charts
  • Fedoras 🙂

Happy Monday and smarter shopping to you out there this week! Don’t forget about the Mother’s Day Apron Giveaway!!


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