your dining room table is an art piece

So, Monday, hello. I was able to be part of hosting a shower this weekend so I have been away from my laptop and my blog but I have been contemplating table decor as I helped arrange a few. I don’t think … Continue reading

inspired by the night..

We can sometimes steer clear of dark furniture and decor in fear of giving off the wrong impression in our home as dark and Gothic, weird and eerie. However, used subtlety dark color schemes can have a dramatic and elegant feel. This chair … Continue reading

a statement piece, every room needs one

A statement piece is the object that all design in a room or quite possibly an entire thought of architecture can be derived and developed from. These paintings by Sharon Cummings are truly beautiful pieces of work and I can see … Continue reading

country rustic simple white decor

I will always love the simple country vibe. That is where I grew up and I will always love anything rustic, anything country and anything ranch style. It all gives me the clear mind and sun-soaked feel I need now … Continue reading

creating an entry way….

My current home does not have a dedicated entryway space so I am ready to create one off to the direct right of my front door in our office. So to create an entry way out of the entry might … Continue reading

a modern romance…

Your bedroom can be the scene for a modern romance all year-long if you incorporate some nice rich colors and memorable art. Personally, I love a purple, grey and black color scheme. It is unisex enough for a man and … Continue reading

a little retro is never bad..

Bringing a little retro into your life can brighten your home and make you feel cheerful. Not all of these items are truly retro, they are actually new but incorporate retro feelings, icons, patterns and colors. This pillow is a … Continue reading

creating a home getaway…

Making your home a relaxing place can sometimes seem impossible but if you envision your dream vacation you can get closer. Pull items from relaxing places you have seen or want to see and try to slowly incorporate them into … Continue reading