creating a home getaway…

Beach House Bedding-ModernFolkShop

Making your home a relaxing place can sometimes seem impossible but if you envision your dream vacation you can get closer. Pull items from relaxing places you have seen or want to see and try to slowly incorporate them into your home. Perhaps we can’t all afford a dream getaway whenever we want but maybe bringing in a chair that we love and that reminds us of a dream getaway, can really help to create a relaxing culture in our home.

Rustic Colorful Books-the vintage cup

Even a pile of books on a place you’d like to some day can be a fun escape at the end of the day. The goal here is to try to make your home a place where you feel most in your element. In order to do this I try to really pay attention to things that I love while traveling and staying in other cities. Maybe it is the lush linens or a great view or an unexpected little extra  that you too can incorporate all year round.

Tangerine and copper leaf retro arm chair-freshvintagemiami

I particularly love to be at the beach and flowy curtains, teak and cool blues always remind me of being there. Little things, even textures, can really make a difference in the way you perceive your own space and in turn can elevate your mood. Is there anything that you can pinpoint that mimics your vacation mood in your own home?

Also, here are some relaxing finds if you are interested! Creating an Oasis

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