a letter for simple charming decor

Letter Customizable Typography- RivalryTime

Great decor can be as simple as the letters in your name or monogram. There are all sorts of letter options on Etsy from monograms, to wall art to a personalized wooden letter name… it’s all there. Using your last name in your kitchen on a small shelf or using just the first letter of your last name somewhere unexpected like your china cabinet can really bring a warm welcoming atmosphere to your home.

8 inch Alphabet Wall Letters Whimsical - woodwallletters

Additionally, letters or your baby’s name in a nursery are great decorations as well as learning opportunities. Children become accustomed to seeing their name and/or the alphabet and begin to interact with the letters on the wall.

Lowercase Letter g in Gulf Blue Teal Wooden Distressed- SlippinSouthern

Lastly, a fun place to put a letter is outside on your fence or in your garden space, maybe even hiding along a flower path. I just love using these fun pieces in unexpected places. They are whimsical and a small delight. Easy decor that goes a long way. Incorporating letters into a gift basket, wedding gift or baby shower gift is also a great idea. I have received a few letter’s in gifts and really you can always find a special place for them.

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    • Christen- The work featured in this post is from several different etsy shops. In general, many etsy artisans are happy to take on custom orders. If you click on the photo you like, contained in the post, you will be redirected to that particular artist’s shop, there you may message the shop owner to inquire about custom work or peruse their listings, oftentimes they have a ‘custom work’ listing which allows the customer to describe their commission. I hope this info. helps, if you have any other questions feel free to let me know!

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