DIY Cinnamon Ornaments

When I was five, my kindergarten class made cinnamon dough ornaments and my mother still has them! And they still smell like cinnamon after 25 years! Every year, when we get out the Christmas ornaments at my parents’ house the … Continue reading

My best toy investments for my active toddler

Here is an article published last week on Hellobee! My oldest moved around in my belly so much that I used to tell Mr. P “something isn’t right,” and called the doctor a few times scared of my daughter’s frantic … Continue reading

make treasures with your kids

Isn’t it sweet how kids think anything shiny is awesome? Well, I challenged Gemma to make some treasures of her own, and this is what she came up with. I broke this up into two different projects, painting and gluing, … Continue reading

what we do for pre-k

DIY clay creations

Gemma will likely not start school until 2016 because she has a fall birthday. This will mean she’ll be an “old” kindergartner. I am not sure how I feel about this; she is bright and part of me worries about … Continue reading

make toddler kitchen food

As a girl I loved my play kitchen and would often play in it for hours. During the warm months I remember my mom putting it outside for my sister and I to play with. Some of my best memories … Continue reading

veggie pasta soup

veggie pasta soup

  Now that we’re in the Fall season, it’s time to get back into the soup recipes. Here is a great one that is hearty and filling but incorporates a variety of vegetables! Ingredients: 32 oz. organic free range chicken … Continue reading

DIY crayon caddy

crayon caddy

We have a lot of crayons at our house! My mom gave us a huge basket full of crayons that are probably from when I was a kid that she had saved; plus every restaurant, birthday party and trip we’ve … Continue reading

simple eggplant parmesan recipe

eggplant parmesan

There are several different types of eggplant parmesan but I have developed my own simple recipe that is easy to put together for a family dinner during the week or a get together on the weekend. I think you’ll love … Continue reading

simple potato wedge recipe

potato wedges

These potato wedges are really really easy and make a great side for a lot of meals… enjoy some this weekend! Ingredients: 4 potatoes, cut lengthwise into wedges 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp garlic salt 1/2 tsp minced onion 2 … Continue reading

DIY clay creations

DIY clay creations

We did this little DIY clay creations project on Friday after I attempted a run around our neighborhood. Along the way we stopped and picked up a few things like we did the day of our scavenger hunt with our … Continue reading