How to Homeschool

How to Homeschool

I have written a short book I am calling “How to Homeschool: A Quick Start Guide” for those interested in learning more about how I homeschool! I am going to link the book in this post. Here is the cover … Continue reading

Watercolor Tutorial With Painters Tape

Watercolor Painters Tape

This week we have been going, what seems like, nonstop! My video for this watercolor tutorial,  “Watercolor with Painter’s Tape” took me a little longer to edit then I had thought but it turned out to be so much fun! The … Continue reading

Watercolor Tutorial, Painting Clouds for Kids

watercolor clouds

Watercolor clouds are the perfect open-ended project for our kids of all ages. No two skies ever appear the same so our children are able to explore and express how they want their sky which is the goal of a … Continue reading

Sensory Suncatcher for kids

Sensory Suncatcher

I was first introduced to the sensory suncatcher project idea in my daughter’s toddler class. In the class the project was done with smaller sandwich bags which was good for her age group but I wanted to duplicate the project … Continue reading

what we do for pre-k

DIY clay creations

Gemma will likely not start school until 2016 because she has a fall birthday. This will mean she’ll be an “old” kindergartner. I am not sure how I feel about this; she is bright and part of me worries about … Continue reading