15 things to do with your toddler while nursing

nursing basket

I have talked to a few moms about this and have researched a little bit but ultimately it took just living these past few weeks through it to figure out what activities are good ones for Gemma while nursing Summer. … Continue reading

rug shopping

An area rug, even in a small space can be an instant update. Come with me and let’s do a little rug shopping on this beautiful Saturday… 1. Best bohemian pattern. Would look great in a free-spirited, artistic living room. … Continue reading

a twist on egg salad sandwiches

Love egg salad sandwiches? Try this twist and add avocado and curry powder! It is so good! Great on bread or wraps. I love fresh summer recipes like this one that are light and full of protein to keep going … Continue reading

two hour playroom cleanup


Last Sunday, I realized our playroom had become out of control. So I did a quick two-hour playroom cleanup on it and reorganized all of our toys. I moved a lot of the currently unpopular toys and infant toys into … Continue reading

We need a schedule, a stay at home mom’s schedule for two kiddos

two week schedule

Alright, its been two weeks since Summer has been born and my husband is back to work today and I am without that extra set of hands. I have been silently plotting what my days will be like with two … Continue reading

DIY wagon parking sign tutorial

DIY wagon parking sign

We have three wagons, two large ones and one doll sized one. Anyhow, I was inspired to make this little parking sign because I thought it would be funny to have a designated “wagon parking” area in our yard. After … Continue reading