Favorite Fall Ideas

Ideas for fun fall painting pumpkins

I love Fall time don’t you? Everything slows down slightly, the air changes, the light changes, it’s warm and festive. I love to eat soup and play games with my kids, read stories and start thinking about holidays! Today, I … Continue reading

Free 5-day Email Course on Creativity

What is creative living? Want to set up a life you love and enjoy? Let's talk about how. Follow along my free two week instagram course.

I’ve always loved to be around really creative people, have you ever noticed these interesting peeps? They’re a little different, they dress a little funky, they comment on things that most don’t notice and they are sometimes a bit eccentric. … Continue reading

Pretty pink vintage finds

Vintage finds for sale

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week! We are starting school over here and are so excited for the new year. I found some really fun vintage pieces this weekend that I’d like to share with you! … Continue reading

What is creativity? Three ways to find your creativity

Let's discuss what being creative really means. Creativity is not reserved for only artsy people, we all have it, here's how to tap into yours!

People have been telling me I’m creative my whole life I always giggle a little when someone says this because I think, aren’t we all? There’s nothing special about me and my “creativity”, I’m no different from anyone else in … Continue reading