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Hello All! Today I am sharing my favorite Homeschooling links. If you are thinking about getting started homeschooling but have no idea where to turn, this post is for you! I have put together a free guide on how to start homeschooling with all of the key information you need like how to file with the state, how to choose curriculum, our story with homeschool and so much more. Check out the guide here.

Here is the list of my favorite links that helped me compile my research and knowledge before I got started homeschooling. Each one of these links has super valuable information so take some time to go through each one. I should note that I am a homeschooler in CA so my Charter School links are based in California, as well as state standards but you can search similar standards and Charter schools in your state.

State links: This link will give you all the information about legally homeschooling in each state, it is a great place to start!


Charter School Links: (note registrations dates)




California Education website: (CA State Standards):


My all time favorite youtuber for Homeschool: She gave me the confidence that I CAN do this. I listened to countless videos by Torrie and she is an all around fantastic resource for homeschooling.

“Oglesby Ohana”

Recommended to start here:

More fantastic youtube homeschoolers:

https://www.youtube.com/c/HomeschoolOn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoh0iC03xsDvmqWir2wh5ag

A must read homeschool book:

“The Brave Learner”, Julie Bogart


“The Call of The Wild and Free”, Ainsley Arment


Learning styles: Find out your Childs learning style with this post!


My Schedules: Links to some of my homeschool schedules and how to create your own!

Homeschool Schedules


These links will help you get started and are what I really wish someone would have laid out for me when I was researching homeschooling my kids. These take some time to work through but I highly recommend checking each of them out!

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