Free 5-day Email Course on Creativity

Find your creativity with a free course

I’ve always loved to be around really creative people, have you ever noticed these interesting peeps? They’re a little different, they dress a little funky, they comment on things that most don’t notice and they are sometimes a bit eccentric. I’ve always been really intrigued by creativity, why are some people more creative and others aren’t? What is it about life that lends itself to allow some people’s creativity to be so obvious while others that are equally creative only show bits and pieces at a time?

What is creative living? Want to set up a life you love and enjoy? Let's talk about how. Follow along my free two week instagram course.

I’ve always wanted to be more creative myself so learning how to find and increase it within myself is a passion of mine. This Summer, I started writing a lot on how to be more creative and how to live a more creative life. Writing on the topic became so interesting to me that I decided to create this FREE 5-day email course to encourage others. It’s a simple email sign up that will send you one email a day for five days all about creativity. (Sign up below!)

The course is super simple and I hope will encourage and allow you to think about new ways you can bring creativity into your life. I will give you specific ideas of how to narrow down your vision/goals in order to tap into your creative self on a daily basis and move toward your most important goals and creative endeavors.

Find your creativity with a free course

Anyone who completes the course in the month of September will be entered in a giveaway to win a $30 Michaels gift card!! Winner to be announced at the end of September!! (09/30/18) Sign up and entry is free and can be done below. Good luck and I hope to hear about how you find and use your creativity this Fall!

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