Fall crafts for kids and parents

fall crafts for kdisfall crafts for kdis fall crafts for kdis fall crafts for kdis

I know its not quite Fall yet but I sure like thinking about the changing seasons! We had an amazing Summer and now that the kids are back to school I’m starting to think about fun after school projects and weekend decorating I can do with them. Here are three fun Fall crafts for kids that you and your kids will love! They are easy and turn out well and you can use them to decorate the house!

First up is this easy Watercolor Leaves Project It’s super simple and you’ll only need a few supplies. Watercolor paper, a watercolor set and some fake leaves. The idea of this Fall craft for kids and adults is to use the fake leaves to create a bas relief affect by laying them on the watercolor paper and painting right over the leaves. The negative white space then makes a really cool art piece.

There are a lot of things you can do with this project like making cards or placemats. I originally posted this project a few years ago but it’s something I’ll pull out every fall because the kids love leaves! You can see more on this project and how ours turned out here. 

fall crafts for kdis fall crafts for kdis

Next up, for more Fall crafts for kids is this really simple, colorful Stick art with Yarn. It helps to use scrap yarn or lots of different colors that you might have on hand. The more variety the more fun this project becomes!

Simply cut or have the children cut, if they are older, yarn into different lengths. For the first few colors you may want to tie one end in place to secure the yarn. Continue to add different colors and amounts of yarn until the stick is as covered as you’d like.

To see more details and get some ideas of what to do with this pretty stick art, read the original post here.

fall crafts for kdis fall crafts for kdis fall crafts for kdis

One more idea for fun Fall crafts for kids and parents, is a super-simple yet really beautiful Easy Fall Leaf Garland! These leaves were just found in packets at the dollar store. I am sure you could find some at a local crafts store.

I used a simple fishing line type of thread to string the leaves across the thread one by one. I love bringing the leaves and fall colors into our house. Such a simple project but the color really adds a lot of Fall festivity to the house. To read the tutorial on this project go here.

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