plant some sunshine in these containers

Vintage Terra Cotta Garden Pots- OneDecember

I am on the look out for some nifty pots and I think these are pretty neat! I bought seeds for a garden last year but have never planted one. This year I am determined to give it a real try. I want to start with some small plants inside. Some melons, tomatoes and green onions. 

Upcycled Can Organizer Set- travisina

For planting inside, how cool are these cans? What a great idea! I love green and these cans would be perfect for a starter gardener like myself. I also love traditional terra cotta pots because they are so versatile. 

Handmade Stoneware Pottery- Ningswonderworld

This stoneware pot would be great for some annuals that I am going to try to grow. Purples, greens and whites.

Sea Mist and White Stoneware- dorothydomingo

If anyone has any tips for starting a garden, please leave me some comments. I can use all the help I can get. I really want to harvest some actual veggies this year! 

4 thoughts on “plant some sunshine in these containers

  1. Tomatoes are a great plant to start off with, because they are so hearty. They need a lot of sun though, so pick the sunniest place in your yard to plant them. Once they start producing you will have a lot of tomatoes, so unless you are able to give all the extras away, plan to can them or dry them in the oven to make sun-dried tomatoes.

    Chives are very easy to grow and do great indoors, if you forget to water them a few times they will spring back to life in a few days of watering.

    If you use pots without a hole in the bottom (for drainage), put the plant in a container with a hole in the bottom and put that in the prettier pot.

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