start thinking about gifts….


Beauty Spot- Bird on Branch Necklace

Time flies and here come the holidays. I love the holidays but I have to admit the commercialization of gifts, buying and spending kind of makes me sick. The holidays are supposed to be about love and taking a moment to appreciate each other. I think with all of the advertising finding a gift can become daunting, especially when you have  a large family. The art of finding the perfect gift is that you have to really know the person you are giving to. Think about the person- who they are, the things they like, their hopes and dreams and endeavors for the next year. The other thing we all need to do is relax when looking for gifts. Give yourself plenty of time, don’t try to shop for too many people at once without something in mind or else you will just fall victim to buying a bunch of holiday crap that is packaged nicely but truly useless and trust me, no one wants a gimmicky gift, truly people want something that shows you know them or thought specifically of them. And might I add gifts do not have to be expensive to be considered good. Some of the best gifts are inexpensive. Check out this beautiful necklace above by Beauty Spot it is only $25 and handmade! Think unique. And if you go for an old faithful gift like a robe or slippers for mom.. for heaven’s sake, at least get them in a good-looking print or from someone who handmade them or something unique about them. Dont waste your money on crap! Many artists on Etsy will make fantastic, unique, gifts and even customize them for you!

Anyone have a good idea for a gift already this year? I have to admit I havent even began to think who I will even be shopping for but I assure you, finding the perfect gift is not about buying the biggest and the best. Think deeper….

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