Does a small house make for a big life?

Tiny Porcelain Clay House- shoda

One of my friends recently brought up a great point, she says she loved growing up with a big family (5 kids and about 7 dogs) in a small house. In the new age of  burst bubbles made of million dollar mansions and inflated incomes, this might make more sense as the new “American Dream”; living in and loving your small home.

wood wall sculpture- TheHauntedHollowTree

I grew up in  a medium-sized home with two parents and two siblings so we were often together and we had fun. With a reduced amount of space, is the new ‘it’ home, the small efficient space? One where each room is designed and tailored to its inhabitants with only the necessities? No extra extravagance no opulent amount of room, just simple spaces, that work?

Small Watercolor Painting- LoganBerard

I think this ideal may be worth entertaining, in many other areas of the world people live much closer to one another and  rely more heavily on community for survival and shared spaces to partake in recreation. In a small home, there is less space to accumulate stuff and therefore, the occupants are forced to reduce their hoarding and their carbon footprint.

Three Tiny House- LucysArtEmporium

Another benefit of living in a small space is the ability to foster bigger, better, relationships.. if you have to spend tons of time with your family you are forced to reconcile differences when they arise and congregate around shared interests naturally. Plainly, I think more conversations are born this way and probably more meals are shared this way. Isn’t this a healthier ideal?

Maine Landscape House- TheMaineHouse

I know you may be thinking, what about alone time, or luxury space? Well, just because you and your family, or loved ones, roommates or whomever you reside with are in a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own freedom. I think the small space concept drives the whole family or unit to design their own getaway spaces. Be it a comfy reading chair or a hammock outside, these micro-spaces become special.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this concept?

7 thoughts on “Does a small house make for a big life?

  1. Very insightful. I loved this post and I wish more people would engage in this type of conversation. I agree with you and I actually I was thinking these thoughts the other day. Thank you for enlightening us.

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  3. About the alone time…

    I live in a modest-sized house that has a place or two to get away, but I still find myself moving out-of-doors if I really want to be alone. There’s far more seclusion in a big, empty, city lot than even in the largest of houses.

      • I don’t know what it is, but sometimes you just need to be out of earshot of everyone who knows you. I think it’s more the idea of going out and being un-reachable. I can’t be alone with a cell phone for this reason. Actually, I don’t own one for this reason.

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