how to arrange flowers and make your own bouquets

Floral Arrangement Centerpiece Silk Flower Bouquet- JuliesHomeCreations

For today’s post, I’d like to introduce the basics of flower arranging.. something I have always been interested in. There are many things to learn and perfect in this art but for now I will start with the basics. I love colorful arrangements that really showcase unique or bright flowers, they really do bring life into a room.

Blue Hydrangea, Tiny flowers arrangement – Mycraftgarden

One of the first things that you will need is a cool container, I love old tins or striking white ceramic pieces but this is  a part of the arrangement you can be creative with. Next, you will need some green styrofoam for silk arrangements and/or green floral foam for fresh arrangements. After gathering some pruning shears and decorative moss you will want to select your flowers. I like to use a hierarchy of main flowers, secondary flowers, filler flowers and filler greenery.

Spring Bouquet- honeytree

When you get all of your supplies in order you will want to cut each silk or live flower from its bunch to create separate stems which are easier to arrange (do the same with your greenery and filler flowers also). Cut your Styrofoam or floral foam to fit the top of your container (slightly larger than your container) so that it rests in place on top of your vase, you may also opt to glue it in place. Next, pin in some moss on the top to cover the styrofoam or floral foam for a more natural looking foundation.

Multi Colored Eco friendly Bouquet Spring Garden- seragun

I then begin arranging my flowers with the larger main flowers and work outward from the middle. Try to mix your main flowers with your secondary flowers to create a cool shape or overall theme. You can place them in a horizontal arrangement or an L-shape by arranging longer stems to one side. This is the fun part and if you don’t like the direction your piece is going, just start over!

For the finish, add your filler and greenery in the spaces that are leftover to give the entire arrangement a cohesive, full look. You can be extremely creative with this project and you can manipulate your arrangements with fabrics, paper, branches or other unconventional materials to come up with something really unique. I like to change my arrangements for dinner parties, holidays and seasons.

This is just an abbreviated introduction into flower arranging so if you have any comments, questions or tips of your own, I would be happy to answer them and provide an update post in the future if there is enough interest!

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