simple shutters add serious charm

Vintage Shutters Fine Art Photography- Barbara Boward Photography

Vintage Shutters Fine Art Photography- Barbara Boward Photography

I picked up six vintage shutters and two really cool vintage windows at a market a few weeks ago and I am so excited about how many different ideas I have come up with just looking at them! Right now, I am very into garden and outdoor projects as I am trying to bring some sort of order to my large but very blank backyard.

Savannah Shutters- JillMulry

Savannah Shutters- JillMulry

So far, I have painted a few of the shutters and I am thinking I can use them side by side attached to a base to form a cool patio coffee table. Shutters would also make a cool set of shelves and the great thing is they can be used indoors and out easily.

Table Shabby Chic- A Marigold Life

This shelf is a great example of utilizing shutters indoors but they can also easily be leaned up on a shelf or painted a cool color to add casual cottage charm to a room.

Turquoise Shabby Chic Shutter Shelf - relics4you

Below is a simple way to use a shutter as an organizer. I have also thought to use two shutters in my garden area to frame a mirror. The historical charm of vintage shutters just really adds a hint of fun to a garden space or an indoor space that is undeniable.

Salvaged Shutter Custom Mail Organizer - WeWhoWander

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