wall hooks with many uses…

White Mermaid Hook-MorrellDecor

I have noticed that wall hooks have more than just one use for your keys or jacket. You can use them as a great decor and organizational tool. In your bathroom you can use them to hang your towels or robe on near your shower. In your kitchen you can use a cute wall hook to hang your apron on and in your nursery you can use them to hang your child’s clothes or shoes (with shoe laces) or even their favorite blankey. They are functional, beautiful and almost clever!

Fleur De Lis Hooks-Swede13

I love these antique looking ones, especially the mermaids above they are unexpected and dreamy. I also like wall hooks that are fashioned out of older iron or wood materials salvaged from older buildings. You can use them for your bag, tote  or sweater in your entry way also and my favorite use, which is also a beautiful presentation, is to use them to hang big, colorful jeweled necklaces on. The different color combinations make your jewelery standout on a monotone wall and are a beautiful, unexpected decor idea.

Dog Tail Hooks- soopertramp

And, for the modernist….. I just had to include these dog tails, they are so funny.. especially if you are a pet owner. I know they won’t meet everyone’s decor taste but maybe they’d be suitable for a mud room or laundry room hehe.

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