clever reclaimed wood installations

Custom Reclaimed Wood Wall- RandRDesignworks

I was searching through etsy shops for some wonderful inspiration and I found it. I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for most anything upcylced, reused, or reclaimed and here I will feature a few great finds involving reclaimed wood. Above is a beautifully curated reclaimed wood wall installation, it is wonderful because of the brilliant color combinations that present themselves in this wall. Each piece has a story and together they create a beautiful fabric that will enchant users.

Barn Doors in Reclaimed Wood w/ Tracks- DancingGrains

Equally fantastic are these panel sliding doors made of reclaimed wood. How amazing would they be as a backdrop to your dining space. They would add a lot of charm to any kitchen or dining room.

Wooden Buttons Reclaimed Oak- Hendywood

I also love these clever buttons! SO cute for nature lovers. And last but not least, check out this beautifully aged reclaimed wood chair from Bali. I would love to have this on my patio! For more reclaimed wood installations and clever uses check out this link reclaimed colour.

Bali Reclaimed Teak Primitive Arm Accent Lounge Chair - CURIOSITYNC

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