a little retro is never bad..

green pillow retro-HenriettaAndMorty

Bringing a little retro into your life can brighten your home and make you feel cheerful. Not all of these items are truly retro, they are actually new but incorporate retro feelings, icons, patterns and colors. This pillow is a perfect segue into spring and summer (can you tell I am tired of the cold already?), bringing a joyful demeanor into your home. Particularly, if you are really into neutrals, one bright piece can really change the entire look of your room without going overboard and leaving you stuck in the 70’s.

Airstream Trailer Brown Sepia-Red Tile Studio

I also absolutely love this little airstream art piece. It would be fun in a living space where it would be unexpected and maybe cause a dream of a cheerful escape to pop into your head now and again. Modern interpretations of classics like the airstream help take the best of the past and repurpose it into an updated version.

Upcycled Green and Pink Rug-KiddyQualia

This rug is also a gorgeous use of greens that are often associated with retro design palates. For some absolutely awesome retro finds I encourage you to check out this list:   “Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream” based on Miranda Lambert’s “Airstream Song”

I have found vintage record players, radios, lamps, a phone and much more! I’d love to hear what your favorite retro piece on the list is!

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