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It can sometimes be tricky to get that perfect piece of art or brilliant photo onto your wall in a way that is attractive, level and meshed correctly with your other perfect pieces. Here are some simple tips for creating your own home gallery and practical ways to hang a photo or art piece in a way that highlights your wall.

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First off, when hanging a group of art pieces or photos, try to define shapes with the pieces like a large square made of four smaller pieces or a triangle made of three smaller pieces. Try staggering photos like stair steps.

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Photos or art pieces look best when they are evenly distributed, that is if you space two pieces six inches apart, space any subsequent pieces the same distance for a uniform look.

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When hanging any piece of art or photography it is important to have a tape measure, level, pencil, eraser, and a nail and hammer. For larger art, use a metal picture hanger, not a nail because a nail can rupture out of your wall if your piece is too heavy (hanger for 10lbs +). Mark the midpoint of your art piece, on the wall, at the top of your frame where it hits the wall. A small pencil mark can later be erased.

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Measure where your art pieces hanger(s) are located on the back of it. Then use this measurement to accurately measure down from your midpoint on the wall. This is a way to make sure that your art piece ends up where you originally wanted it. If you have two hangers on the back of your piece, measure between those as well and use your midpoint to equally distribute where your nails should be placed. When you are finished hanging your piece, make sure it is level.  These are just a few tips but if you are interested send me a comment because I have more in mind.


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