your dining room table is an art piece

Enjoy Dessert Plate in Green- RossLab

So, Monday, hello. I was able to be part of hosting a shower this weekend so I have been away from my laptop and my blog but I have been contemplating table decor as I helped arrange a few.

Linen Napkins- Organic- madderroot

I don’t think all great table decor should be limited to birthday parties, showers and special occasions. I find that if you rotate your dinner table decor in and out four or five times a year, I usually change it when I get bored with it, which is usually every few months, it can be a great change of scenery in your home and is pretty inexpensive.

Natural Linen Dinner Napkins- Bloomsong

Give yourself an emotional boost by changing the dialog your room is giving off by adding different colors and textures. I like to get bright place mats and mix them with bamboo toppers. A layered affect really changes your table dynamic from something utilitarian to your own art gallery.

Rustic Floral Arrangement- Sugar Pop Party

Take it a step further and mix in different flowers or centerpieces every few weeks and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised when you get up to tackle a Monday morning and have something fresh to greet you. I try to cut roses from my garden every week during spring and summer, I know this sounds like a lot of effort for your dining room but it really can add some sweet comfort to a place that is often overlooked.

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