vintage style statement necklace… yes please!!

Vintage Statement Necklace

Lady in Red- Modulation Jewelry

Vintage upcycled pieces come together to make one of a kind statement necklaces and bracelets in the etsy shop Modulation Jewelry. I really like these eclectic pieces and would actually love to make a few of my own!

Vintage Victorian Bracelet

Victorian Christmas Tree Bracelet- Modulation Jewelry

These would look great with a simple black dress for the holidays. I love pieces like these that are truly unique, colorful and you can just feel the story captured in their history. Each piece comes from upcycled earrings, necklaces, brooches and the like.

Vintage bracelet

Film Noir Charm Bracelet- Modulation Jewelry

Beautiful creations Modulation Jewelry….. and guys out there… there is still time to order for the ladies before Christmas!



2 thoughts on “vintage style statement necklace… yes please!!

    • Meee too! I want to try to make some of this… my grandma always had a ton of costume jewelry, I wonder if I could figure it out. These are so pretty!

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