how to tie a bow… and what I am doing this afternoon

tying a bow

tying a bow

Okay I know it’s not thaaaat hard to tie a bow, but don’t you ever wonder how some people’s gifts look amazingly wrapped and then say “well maybe next year”…. if you are still working on wrapping, like me, here are a few bow ideas. Each image contains a link to a tutorial on how to make that particular bow. Except the pom poms… they were just a cool idea I cam across on pinerest.

Pom Pom bow

Pom Pom bow

As for me, I finally finished my Monday cleaning, yes I know I missed the boat on Monday but I’ve been feeling a little sick so I had to cut myself a break. And just in time, it is only one week til Christmas… whoa that came fast!

How to tie a Bow

How to tie a Bow- Eddie Ross

I’ll be spending the rest of my daughter’s nap time making playdough for this afternoon, scotch-guarding my couch (yeah sounds fun), and finishing cleaning the washing machine. Sounds completely lame but it feels so good to accomplish these mini projects before the big Christmas holiday.

How to make a Bow

How to make a Bow- Better Homes & Gardens

I am also thankful that UPS works so hard around the holidays but secretly hoping they do not come to my house at 8:30 pm tonight like last night and ring the doorbell, little late for a sleeping kid, dog and husband. Oh well, at least all of Santa’s presents are supposed to arrive today!! How about you, are you ready for Christmas?

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